Editing The Genes Of White Blood Cells With Crispr : Gina Kolata New York Times July 12 2018

Researchers have a found a way to use electrical fields, not viruses, to deliver both gene-editing tools and new genetic material into the cell. By speeding the process, in theory a treatment could be available to patients with almost any … Continue reading

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Genetic Basis For Mental Health Disorders: Source- Science

Nine researchers from U of T’s Faculty of Medicine contributed to a major international study, published in the journal Science, showing the underlying genetic similarities between mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The team, led by Harvard University’s Broad Institute, … Continue reading

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The Facts About Workplace Mental Health Services: Raymond Rupert MD, MBA.

The Facts About Workplace Mental Health Services:  Raymond Rupert MD, MBA. Public sector resources for mental health service are constrained. These essential services are mostly focused on crisis management. Resolving a mental health crisis is similar to putting out a … Continue reading

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Reviving Very Sick Organs With Mitochondrial Transplants: Source- New York Times July 10 2018

When Georgia Bowen was born by emergency cesarean on May 18, she took a breath, threw her arms in the air, cried twice, and went into cardiac arrest. The baby had had a heart attack, most likely while she was still … Continue reading

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Combining Antibiotics To Counter Bacterial Resistance: Nature 2018

Species-specific activity of antibacterial drug combinations Ana Rita Brochado, Anja Telzerow, Jacob Bobonis, Manuel Banzhaf, André Mateus, Joel Selkrig, Emily Huth, Stefan Bassler, Jordi Zamarreño Beas, Matylda Zietek, Natalie Ng, Sunniva Foerster, Benjamin Ezraty, Béatrice Py, Frédéric Barras, Mikhail M. … Continue reading

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Low Quality Healthcare Is Costly: World Bank 2018

Low-quality care is pushing up health costs: Low-quality health care is exacerbating disease and driving up health costs worldwide, according to a new report released this morning by the WHO and the World Bank. Some of the most common problems: medication errors, unnecessary … Continue reading

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Research on Artificial Intelligence: Zahraa Al-Dulaimi

Artificial Intelligence and Facial Analysis in Medicine: the next big thing? Zahraa Al-Dulaimi Artificial intelligence and deep learning   The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined in a proposal letter for a scientific meeting at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire … Continue reading

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Biomarkers (ACPA) in Aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis:

While treatments for rheumatoid arthritis have traditionally focused on targeting the disease’s inflammatory pathways, increasingly, research is pointing to a need to account for the role of autoantibodies in disease progression. One example: some people have a more highly active … Continue reading

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Protecting The Brain From Inflammation:

From CU Boulder: Immunization with beneficial bacteria (probiotics) can have long-lasting anti-inflammatory effects on the brain, making it more resilient to the physical and behavioral effects of stress, according to new researchby University of Colorado Boulder scientists. The findings, if replicated … Continue reading

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Deep Learning And Artificial Intelligence At Work Disrupting Healthcare:

Deep Learning And Artificial Intelligence Are At Work Disrupting Healthcare: Artificial intelligence is the use of computerized systems that can learn. The systems have algorithms that help it to learn. Once the computer has been introduced to a training set … Continue reading

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