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Using Neuroplasticity To Heal The Addict’s Brain: Raymond Rupert MD, MBA.

The team at Rupert Case Management is applying the principles of neuroplasticity in the treatment of substance use disorder. The brain can change its form, function and structure with behavioural change and by thinking differently. Attention, focus, repetition and struggle … Continue reading

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Complexity Should Not Be A Barrier To A Successful Outcome- Raymond Rupert MD, MBA.

Complexity in healthcare is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Some patients are much more complex than others. In fact, we rank patients on a scale from 1 to 10 for complexity. If patients are over 4 or 5 … Continue reading

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Insights From Parents Interviewed About Their Children’s Mental Health Problems:

Virgil Stucker posted this information on his web site. Key Understandings That Emerged From Interviews  With Parents Of Children With Mental Health Problems: For parents, the emotional and mental health of adult children is a primary concern Experience of the … Continue reading

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