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Confusion Diagnosing Mitochondrial Disease: Neurology Genetics April 01, 2018; 4 (2)

Confusion Diagnosing Mitochondrial Disease: Source: Neurology Genetics April 01, 2018; 4 (2)  The results highlight the difficulty, confusion, and burden that individuals with suspected mitochondrial disease typically undergo in obtaining a diagnosis. While the survey failed to capture the amount of … Continue reading

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22 Years And A Solid Evidence Based Treatment For Stroke Is Still Not Accepted: New York Times March 26 2018

It was one of those findings that would change medicine, Dr. Christopher Lewandowski thought. For years, doctors had tried — and failed — to find a treatment that would preserve the brains of stroke patients. The task was beginning to … Continue reading

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Forecast For Increasing Catastrophic Drug Costs In Ontario:

There are almost 130,000 Ontario residents who have catastrophic drug expenses and need government assistance to cover their costly medications, a new study shows. The research, published in the medical journal CMAJ Open, shows that both the numbers of users … Continue reading

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Computational Analysis And Intelligent Computing Systems To Assist Oncologists With Personalized Cancer Treatments:

RCM Provides Advanced Computational Analysis to Assist Oncologists in Delivering Personalized Cancer Treatments based on Genetic Markers   The research is clear:  Genetic markers of cancer, which are identified through an analysis of cancer DNA in a lab, can help oncologists … Continue reading

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