What a devoted father did to help his daughter avoid brain surgery: Raymond Rupert MD, MBA.

Our goal at Rupert Case Management is to help families access world class solutions for complex health problems.

This is not a trivial exercise. Choosing the right solution requires extensive investigation into the global ecosystem of advanced treatment options.

To deliver world class solutions there are certain requirements:

  • cumulative experience from having completed thousands of cases
  • constant refinement of technique
  • a cohesive, curious and engaged team
  • the ability to manage complexity

That is what we did for Hilary, a young woman with a pineal gland brain tumour. Hilary’s father retained Rupert Case Management to assist him in evaluating options for Hilary.

For Hilary, we focused on evaluating proton beam and gamma knife options, because both are high tech approaches to resolving the problem without surgery.

Case Study:

Hilary had a pineal gland tumour in the middle of her brain. About one year ago, she developed visual symptoms. She had a brain operation and biopsy of the tumour. The operation was complicated by a big bleed and the surgeon was unable to retrieve a sample for analysis. Unfortunately over the year, the MRI showed that the tumour was growing. The next brain operation was booked imminently.

Hilary’s father called RCM. He gave our team 4 days to find a world class solution.

We went to work and within 4 days, we had delivered the opinions of 8 leading neurosurgeons at centres of excellence.

On Friday, we presented the options of proton beam, gamma knife or re-operation to Hilary and her family.

An email from one of the leading gamma knife surgeons in the USA suggested that his team could treat Hilary’s tumour without operating. The gamma knife, which is not actually a knife, uses highly focused gamma radiation to destroy the tumor.

On Monday morning, Hilary and her father met that team. Hilary had a MRI done.

On Tuesday at 5:30AM, the team put Hilary into a special helmet. The gamma knife treatment lasted for 1 hour. By 1:30PM, Hilary was back at the hotel taking a nap. Hilary was able to avoid another brain surgery.

She and her father drove home the next day. Thankfully, Hilary has done remarkably well.


Our goal at Rupert Case Management Inc. is to assist families in finding world class solutions for complex problems. Unfortunately, there isn’t always an alternate solution. But we do our best to ensure all options have been investigated and considered. That’s what we do every day.


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