Men Rate HEALTH Above Money and Careers And Do Nothing About HEALTH: Emily Perryman

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Three quarters (74%) of men in England aged between 40 and 60 years old place their health in the top three most important things in their life.

This compares with only 32% who selected leisure time, 31% who chose wealth and 23% who stated their career.

Despite this, 64% of men identify themselves as being overweight and only 28% think men of their age do regular exercise with the aim of staying healthy.

Only a third (32%) think men their age check themselves regularly for signs of ill-health.

Although many men are aware of many of the risks associated with heart disease, including high cholesterol, less than half (46%) had their cholesterol checked in the last year and around a third (31%) either couldn’t remember or knew that they had never had a cholesterol check.

Only a third (35%) said they feel confident that they know all the risk factors for heart disease.

The survey by Public Health England found many men have little expectation of how much they can influence their future health.

Around six out of 10 (58%) believed that as they get older their health is going to get worse, regardless of whether they lead a healthy lifestyle.

Jamie Waterall, national lead for the NHS Health Check Programme at Public Health England, said:
“It is clear that men, as well as women, should be doing something to reduce the major risks to their health, such as smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, drinking too much and not being active. They need to know that all these lifestyle choices – things they can do something about – will have a huge impact on their health.”


This article illustrates the importance of developing a wellness mindset for both men and women. Complacency results in illness. Becoming proactive with a healthy lifestyle can pay big benefits to both employees, their families and employers. An excellent investment for all concerned.

Occupational Health  Feb 2016