EAPs and now some are being called EFAPs have been around for 35 years or more.  Most are reporting 6% usage; some are reporting up to 15% usage in any given year.  Do the math – at the most conservative estimate of 6% usage per year, that’s over 200% usage (does that means 200% of your employees used the EAP?).  What gives?  Are many of your employees dependent on EAP and re-using the program, or the EAP is just recycling your employees, or you have a very large group of mentally ill and stress-ridden group of employees that never get helped?

Your benefits costs keep going up, prescription costs and use of psychotropic drugs among employees is increasing, short and long term disability numbers are increasing, addiction to alcohol and drugs in increasing and yet year after year, your EAP Provider is telling you that they are helping your employees.

What gives?  There is something wrong with this picture.

Counseling should not only provide help and resources for immediate and presenting problems but counseling should provide employees with insights AND skills so that any EAP user can deal more effectively with their problems in the future and even see their emotionally problem(s) on the horizon and address them before they becomes a major problem requiring EAP intervention.

Your employees should have the skills acquired from a previous EAP encounter to address these problem(s) if indeed your EAP help and counseling was effective and took the time to provide your employees with insights and problem-solving abilities.

200% usage and still 6% every year?  Think about it!  I suspect your EAP is acting just as a band-aid if these numbers are similar to your numbers.