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There are new lab tests that are available that can prove to be very important in ruling cancer in or out.

Case Study:

T.M. is a 52 year old who presented with a spike in his PSA. It had spiked to about 4. Six months previously it had been about 1.0. After the PSA spiked it went down to 1.5 after 3 months. His urologist had planned a biopsy but when the PSA normalized to 1.5, the procedure was cancelled.

What Happened:

There is a new blood test called ONCOBLOT. The blood drawn is tested for ENOX2 proteins. Cancer produces ENOX2 proteins. The ONCOBLOT procedure tests for 26 types of cancer. Each type of cancer has a unique signature that is written in ENOX2 proteins.

The Outcome:

T.M.’s ONCOBLOT test was positive for prostate cancer. The ENOX2 proteins were present. The signature identified prostate as the source of his cancer. Everyone was stunned. No one expected this result.

Our job now is helping T.M. decide on a treatment plan for his early stage prostate cancer once it is confirmed by biopsy.