RCM's Bedside Patient Advocacy

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With an aging population, seeing a loved one admitted to hospital can be a frightening and overwhelming experience.

Hospitals are sterile environments. Doctors do not oversee anyone patient. There is a lack of continuity of care.

Medical mistakes are common place. Loved ones can be overlooked. Their treatment needs can be ignored or worse.

Now Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM) provides families with RCM Bedside Patient Advocacy.

RCM’s team consists of doctors, nurse case managers, social workers, psychologists, a lawyer, a nutritionist and personal care workers.

The team members will assist patients at the bedside in the hospital.

They will go to patient’s case conferences and meet regularly with the doctors and nurses.

RCM’s team is collaborative and will work with the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

RCM’s team will review treatment orders and provide information about treatment options.

They will facilitate second opinions.

They will assist with the selection of rooms and meals.

They will anticipate patient’s needs.

They will brief the family and the patient throughout the process.

If the patient or a family member is dissatisfied with elements of care in the hospital, then the team members will advocate for the patient.

RCM Bedside Patient Advocacy. creates a seamless and quality experience for the patient during the hospital stay and after discharge.

To learn more about RCM Bedside Patient Advocacy. call RCM’s call centre at 800 620 7551