Services - RCM Complex Case Management

Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM) focuses on the management and resolution of complex and very complex healthcare problems.

This focus has provided RCM with the work flows, knowledge, expertise, IT resources and staff required to manage any type of problem whether mental health, addiction, medical or surgical in nature.

The cumulative experience that RCM brings to any one complex case is unique in the healthcare industry.

Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM) has provided “real time medical intervention” and “advanced medical case management” since the early 1990’s.

RCM’s Advanced Case Management approach is a collaborative, team-based and client-centric process for the provision of interdisciplinary, high quality, timely and professional health care services.

RCM's Preferred Provider Network (PPN) includes over 2,200 experts in over 120 sub-specialties from the leading centers of excellence throughout North America.

RCM's Preferred Vendor Network (PVN) includes over 2,300 specialty suppliers of products and services such as PET, CT, MRI, ambulatory surgery, advanced molecular profiling, in and outpatient treatment, rehab experiences and medical devices.

This network includes psychologists, social workers, social worker therapists, addiction therapists, psychiatrists, forensic psychiatrist and psycho-educational consultants.

RCM also acts as a "one stop shop" assisting clients in selecting and accessing various healthcare products and services.

RCM serves the national marketplace, with representatives on both the east and west coast. RCM's core team is located in Toronto, Ontario.

The RCM team consists of physicians, nurse case managers, psychologists, social worker therapists, addiction therapists, medical researchers, administrative support, and the members of RCM's Preferred Provider Network.