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RCM's 505 Programme Providing Case Management for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders for Groups

Families and groups including employers, unions, associations and institutions are confronting increasing and highly disruptive problems because of mental health issues and substance use disorder.

Unfortunately, current programs such as EAP are not equipped to manage these complex cases: public funding is very limited, delays are common, and families suffer.

In response to this need, RCM provides the 505 Programme -- A Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Case Management Program.

This program is focused solely on effective case management, care co-ordination and advocacy for those with mental health problems and substance use disorders.

Confronting The Problem:

The multi-disciplinary team at Rupert Case Management Inc. has extensive experience in the case management of all aspects and types of mental health and substance abuse disorders. The treatment programmes for our clients are highly personalized and goal directed.

Organizing The Discovery Process:

RCM’s multi-disciplinary discovery process is critical for best outcomes. The management team at RCM organizes meetings (face-to-face or by telehealth) with experts including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and addiction therapists to clearly define the problem(s).

Co-occurrence between substance use disorder and mental health disorders is not uncommon; individuals may be addicted to self-medicating as a means to control undiagnosed and untreated mental health disorders. Our team approach enables in-depth investigation so as to ensure effective treatment plans and sustainable results.

Organizing an Active Treatment Plan:

A multi-disciplinary team approach is used for the creation of highly personalized treatment plans that can be delivered anywhere in Canada.

RCM has an extensive national network of skilled and specialized providers. Our role as case manager includes organizing all elements of a treatment plan, selecting the best providers for that client, and co-ordinating treatments.

With our long track record in the effective management of critical and complex medical issues, RCM is experienced in managing complications from substance abuse disorder such as liver failure, hepatitis C and seizure disorders.

Furthermore, RCM has experience advocating for liver transplantation for those suffering from alcoholism and cirrhosis.

Budgeting for Diagnostics and Treatment

RCM's case management, care co-ordination and advocacy services are included in the per-employee monthly cost of RCM's group 505 programme.

The costs for outside providers of diagnostic and treatment services are not included. RCM's team provides clients with a budget for outside diagnostic and treatment services, which can be paid by the client or by the employer, group or association, by insurance benefits or using a health spending account. If required by the client, financing can be provided by outside qualified lenders.

Monitoring via RCM Digital Engagement Platform

RCM provides a unique digital engagement platform for our clients. This technology improves our ability to use a team approach to active treatment and measure outcomes.

RCM 505 Programme Specialized Services


RCM works with leading experts in organizing interventions where required to motivate and educate a client with a substance use disorder, and gain the individual’s commitment to the process of becoming sober and maintaining sobriety.

Transformative Experiences:

The RCM team is experienced in creating customized unique transformative experiences for clients where deemed valuable for accelerating their healing process.

Immersion into a different, brand new environment, in nature or in another culture, as a means to stimulate “healthy brain” can foster increased readiness and engagement in treatment, when the immersive experience is designed specifically to align with the client’s needs, interests and inclinations.

Selecting Optimal Rehab Centres:

RCM assists clients in selecting a rehab experience that is both the right fit and cost-effective. Without guidance from RCM, the process of selecting a rehab centre from the many different options can be extremely daunting and costly.

RCM’s team works closely with the intake and treatment teams at the rehab centre to personalize the experience for our client(s) and to ensure that in-depth programming is delivered while in rehab.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP):

Some clients with substance use disorder and/or mental health challenges respond better to a personalized intensive outpatient treatment program. These clients do not enter a residential rehab; they live in the community or select RCM’s companion care programme and engage in an intensive support program designed to result in best possible outcomes. There may be significant cost advantages to an intensive outpatient programme for the client and their family.

Family Coaching and Family Systems Support:

Often, family members of those affected by mental health challenges and substance abuse disorder require specialized coaching. RCM’s family coaching team provides expert support for the wellbeing and healing of family members, and helps the family assist in the treatment of their loved one.

The RCM approach includes identifying enabling behaviours by family members and helping eliminate these so as to allow the individual a chance at succeeding through his/her own efforts.

Sober Coaches:

RCM treatment plan may include the support of a skilled sober coach whose role is keep the client accountable and disciplined in the process of becoming and remaining sober. The sober coach works with case managers at RCM to deliver a totally integrated service for clients.

Aftercare and Continuous Sobriety:

Success after a detox and rehab experience is more effectively sustained when followed by a continuous and personalized aftercare program. RCM’s team designs personalized aftercare programs for clients located anywhere in Canada.

RCM’s goal is continuous sobriety, employing an integrative process and following holistic principles to achieve success. RCM’s Online Learning System for substance abusers reinforces the core messages of sobriety.

Financial Accountability & Spend Management At RCM:

If requested, RCM assists by taking over the spend management for clients. The client presents receipts to RCM and RCM provides the funds to pay for essentials. This introduces discipline into the management of money and decreases the opportunity for the client to mismanage money or to purchase illicit substances.

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