Services - RCM Big Hug

Members and their families receive assistance navigating healthcare services. 

Members benefit from having an advocate because healthcare is complex.

That is why RCM has created the RCM BIG HUG.

We call it the BIG HUG because we listen carefully, really understand needs and create a personalized action plan for each member.

RCM is the central hub for services for members located anywhere.

Telehealth at RCM is known as RCM PRIORITY CALL. Telehealth is very convenient and allows the nurses and doctors at RCM to communicate with members at work, in the field or at home.

RCM provides members with timely service 365 and gets them back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Everyone wins: our members, their families and even employers. 

So to learn more call or email RCM at 647 350 5500 or