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Our clients have been diagnosed with a serious healthcare problem that requires a procedure to be carried out by an interventional expert.

Interventional experts come from different disciplines including radiology, cardiology, general surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, respiratory medicine, thoracic surgery or urology.

Interventional techniques can eliminate the need for more invasive and costly exploratory surgery. These special procedures help reduce patient recovery time, with results that are equal or superior to those experienced through more invasive procedures.

Clots in arteries can be removed with special catheters to prevent strokes. Expanding arteries can be repaired with a very small catheter using an endografts. Heart valves can be replaced or repaired. Holes in the heart can be closed. Atrial fibrillation can be treated with ablation. Brain tumours or prostate cancer can be treated with HIFU ( high intensity focused ultrasound). Cancers can be treated directly with intra-arterial chemo-embolization or regional chemotherapy. Collapsed spinal vertebrae can be repaired.

All of these procedures can be done through a small entry point and without major surgery.

The team at Rupert Case Management Inc. will provide our clients with the opportunity to meet with an interventional expert in a telehealth session.

The expert, the client and a member of RCM's team will be present in the telehealth session.

The expert will provide an explanation of what procedure(s) can be offered and what the process will be.

If you are interested in learning more about RCM Meet My Interventional Expert.

Call RCM at : 647 350 5500 or 800 620 7551 or email RCM at info@rupertcasemanagement.com