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RCM'S Substance Abuse Management Program

Families and groups including employers, unions, associations and institutions are confronting increasing problems with substance abuse. Unfortunately, current programs such as EAP are not equipped to manage these cases: public funding for addiction resources are very limited, delays are common, and families suffer.

In response to this need, RCM provides the 505 Program which is a Substance Abuse Management Program or SAMP. This program is focused solely on the management of substance abuse and concurrent mental health disorders.

Confronting The Problem:

The multi-disciplinary team at Rupert Case Management Inc. has extensive experience in the management of all aspects and types of substance abuse and addiction. The treatment programmes for our clients are highly personalized.

Organizing An Intervention:

An intervention may be required to motivate and educate the substance abuser and the family. The objective of the intervention is to gain commitment in order to start the process of becoming sober and maintaining sobriety.

RCM Provides A Private Home Detox Option:

RCM will assist clients with the selection of and admission to a detox centre. Alternatively, an option available at RCM is to have a private and discrete detox arranged at the client’s home. RCM will provide the staff, the medications and supervision required during the client’s home-based detox.

Coach House: Kinship Hosting

RCM will assist clients in organizing living arrangements with a host who has established long term sobriety. Our client will live with the host for a period of time until the client is stabilized. During this time, RCM's sober coaches will support the client and the client will be engaged in an intensive outpatient programme (IOP).

Transformative Experiences:

In select cases, the team will structure a transformative experience which might include remote wilderness trekking or immersion in a foreign culture, in order to increase awareness and kick start the big changes required to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Living outside in nature is restorative. RCM is able to create unique transformative experiences for our clients. Taking the client out of their usual environment and into a brand new context in nature or another culture accelerates the healing process. Once the client has a "healthy brain", they are ready to engage in RCM’s treatment process.

Selecting a Rehab Centre:

RCM will assist some clients in selecting a rehab experience that is the right fit and is both appropriate and cost-effective. Without guidance from RCM, the process of selecting a rehab centre can be daunting and very expensive since there are so many options at various price points.

RCM’s team also works with the intake and treatment teams at the rehab centre in order to personalize the experience for our client(s) and to ensure that in depth programming is delivered.

The Role Of An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):

Some substance abusers respond better to a personalized intensive outpatient treatment program. They do not go into residential rehab; they live in the community or select RCM’s companion care programme and engage in an intensive substance abuse support program to get the best outcomes possible. There are cost advantages to IOP for both the client and the family.

Identifying And Treating Mental Health Disorders:

There is often a co-occurrence between substance abuse and mental health disorders. Substance abusers may self-medicate to control the symptoms of their undiagnosed and untreated mental health disorders. RCM’s team and specialists have the expertise to diagnose and treat any type of mental health disorder.

Treating Complications of Substance Abuse:

Substance abusers with complications such as liver failure, hepatitis C and seizure disorders will benefit from the extensive network of specialists available through RCM. Furthermore, RCM has experience advocating for liver transplantation for alcoholics with cirrhosis, if that is required.

Family Coaching:

RCM provides families with coaching. Enabling behaviours by family members must be recognized and eliminated in order to give the substance abuser a chance at succeeding through his/her own efforts. Often, those assisting recovering substance abusers also need support themselves. This support is provided by the family coaching team at RCM.

Sober Coaches:

RCM provides our clients with a companion who is a sober coach. The job of the sober coach is to hold the client accountable and to introduce discipline into the process of getting and staying sober. The sober coach works with the case managers at RCM to deliver a totally integrated service for our clients.

Financial Accountability & Spend Management At RCM:

RCM assists by taking over the spend management for the client. The client presents receipts to RCM and RCM provides the funds to pay for essentials. This introduces discipline into the management of money and decreases the opportunity for the client to mismanage money or to purchase illicit substances.

Medications Management:

RCM’s Substance Abuse Management Program provides clients with ongoing medication management. This ensures that our clients have continuous access to their prescribed medications. RCM’s team works with our client’s local pharmacy, or RCM can arrange for delivery of the medications to the client’s home.


Success after a detox and rehab experience is much more likely when a comprehensive and personalized aftercare program follows the rehab experience. RCM’s team provides a 20 week aftercare program for clients located anywhere in Canada.

Continuous Sobriety:

RCM’s goal is continuous sobriety, employing an integrative process and following holistic principles to achieve success. RCM’s Online Learning System for substance abusers reinforces the core messages of sobriety.


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