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RCM Trust and Spend Management

There is an increasing number of persons who are vulnerable because of their lack of capacity. They are not able to make effective decisions about their finances and their care. There is a need to protect these individuals by providing trust services, oversight, spend management and healthcare advocacy.

The services required go beyond just the investment of capital and the payment of bills by trustees. There is a need to select care providers, to prevent elder fraud, to review budgets and to monitor the quality of care that is provided.

Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM) has provided complex case management services for over 25 years. The professional team at RCM includes: medical doctors, specialists, nurses, social workers, addiction therapists, family coaches, accounting and admin staff.

RCM provides comprehensive support and assistance for individuals without capacity. RCM works with the trustee and financial institution to ensure that funds are properly allocated. RCM will work with the clients to hire care providers. RCM will review the budgets and provide "spend management" services. The objective is to protect the individual by preserving capital and avoiding fraud, which is a common problem with the elderly.

These vulnerable persons includes those with dementia, substance use disorder, severe cognitive and learning disorders, severe mental health disorders, brain injuries, victims of catastrophic trauma and the very elderly with no children or family members for support. There are also signs of a growing disconnect between what is implicitly assumed families will do, and what actually happens.

Older people without children barely feature in policy discussion or planning for local provision. Yet their numbers are set to grow: the proportion of women not having children has increased from one in nine to one in five in a generation. It’s been estimated that by 2030, there will be more than a million adults aged 65 to 74 without children, almost double the number in 2012.

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