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Complex patients have special needs that require the advanced skill sets and experience of teams of experts to achieve the best outcomes possible.

From its base in Canada, Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM) provides global triage matching complex patients with teams of experts at centres of excellence.

RCM builds on twenty five years of experience in assisting thousands of complex patients. RCM manages a proprietary ecosystem of over 3,000 experts and the global institutions able to provide timely and cost effective solutions.

RCM has the deep knowledge, experience and expertise to assist government and private payors ( Ministries of Health and insurers) seeking solutions for their complex patients.

RCM's team of professionals provides an intake process to evaluate the needs of the patients. The medical records and imaging are audited. The team at RCM will arrange to have experts review a summary of the client record to understand if they have the expertise to provide the required services.  If appropriate, RCM will schedule a virtual consultation with the expert(s) to further confirm the match.

If the expert, the institution, the payor and patient wish to proceed, then RCM will provide the payor with a detailed treatment plan and the associated costs.

RCM will manage all the logistics of care from inbound transportation to re-integration of the patient post treatment.

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