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We have had the privilege of working with patients who require the most sophisticated solutions available for treating cancer.

Previously, these solutions were only available to those who travelled to huge cancer centres in Texas or Boston or Toronto.

Now any patient with the interest and means has the option of the most sophisticated approach to cancer.

Here’s a case study:

H.L is a 49 year old male who presents with a rare form of cancer.  Because the cancer is rare there is little published information about how to treat the cancer. H.L. and his family are interested in going as deeply as possible to find a solution.

Rupert Case Management (RCM) was retained by the family to assist.  A group of experts were identified based on their experience with the basic science of this rare type of cancer. They understood the biology and pathways of this cancer. Their knowledge would help in selecting drugs.

Next, the family had sought help from a research company. The research company implanted the cancer cells from H.L. in mice. The tumours grew in these special laboratory mice.

Another research company doing cancer genomics was involved. This company does an analysis of the DNA of the cancer cells. If there are mistakes or mutations in the DNA, then this can sometimes yield actionable targets. These targets correspond with drugs developed specifically for these targets.

With information about actionable targets and with the suggestions from the expert panel, five to seven drugs were chosen  to treat the mice. After being treated, the mice were studied to see which drug(s) were most effective.  The assumption being that this approach would also work with H.L.


Now a patient located anywhere with the interest and means can access the most sophisticated approach to cancer on the planet.

We are always pleased to help with this and other types of solutions.