EMPLOYEE BURNOUT NEEDS TO BE PREVENTED: Raymond Rupert MD. MBA. @ Rupert Case Management Inc.

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Just 30% of employees feel engaged at work.

And of 72 senior executives who were studied, nearly all showed signs of burnout. No wonder, people hate their work.

A large survey by Tony Schwartz (CEO of the Energy Project) and Christine Porath ( associate professor at Georgetown University) showed that employees are vastly more productive and engaged when four of their core needs are met:

1. physical, through opportunities to regularly renew and recharge at work.

taking a break every 90 minutes leads to a 30% higher level of focus, a 50% greater capacity to think creatively and a 46% higher level of wellness and health.

2. emotional by feeling valued and appreciated fro their contributions.

Employees who are valued are 67% more engaged.

3. mental, when they have the opportunity to focus in an absorbed way on their most important tasks and define when and where they get their work done;

Those who could focus on one task at a time were 50% more engaged.

4. spiritual, by doing more of what they do best and enjoy most, and by feeling connected to a higher purpose at work.

Those employees who derive meaning from work were 1.4 times more engaged at work.

The more effective leaders and organizations are in meeting these core needs, the more engaged the employees will be.

And the more engaged the employees are, the higher the operating margin of the business.

So it makes good business sense to treat employees by meeting their core needs: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.