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When you or  family member gets sick while travelling, you want the best advice possible.

Here’s a case study:

Dermot is a 25 year old Dublin native. He was vacationing in the Greek islands when he developed a painful abdomen. He was flown to Athens. The surgeon operated and found a portion of small bowel that was twisted. He had to resect a few feet of small bowel.

A few days later, Dermot developed a high fever. The surgeon had to re-open his belly. He found more small bowel that was not viable. It had to be resected.  The surgeon in Athens wanted a 2nd opinion.

What Happened Next:

Rupert Case Management got a call from Dublin. The family retained RCM for a 2nd opinion.

Our team connected with the world’s top intestinal transplant doctor who was in San Francisco. We arranged for him to talk to the surgeon at the Athens General hospital. This call was very significant in reassuring the surgeon in Athens that he had acted appropriately.

The Outcome:

Dermot returned to Dublin to recuperate and then return to school in the Fall.

The general surgeon in Athens wanted a 2nd opinion. RCM was able to deliver that 2nd opinion from a world class authority in a timely and cost effective manner.

And now, at least for the next week or so, we are rock stars in Dublin.