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Dr Brenda Zimmerman is the director of the Health Industry Management Program (HIMP) at Schulich’s business school.  The program just celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Brenda is a very impressive academic leader who is training the next generation of Canada’s healthcare leaders. Her HIMP/MBA graduates are young, intelligent, energetic and committed to improving Canada’s healthcare system. They are already leaving their mark on the industry as they establish their careers in the public and private sectors of healthcare.

Brenda who is retiring from Schulich in 2016, has built an impressive legacy of system change implemented through her well trained graduates.

I attended the tenth anniversary gala for HIMP in the Schulich executive dining room. The room was buzzing with energy as Brenda lead the evening from the dias. Four awards were given to healthcare leaders who have made significant contributions to HIMP and to healthcare in Canada.

The awards were in the categories including: distinguished leader in the healthcare industry ( Tom Closson MBA 79), emerging health industry leader (Jyoti Bhardwaj MBA 13), innovator in the health industry (Jerry Koh IMBA 05) and outstanding contribution to the Schulich health industry community ( Melissa Kaan MBA 10).

I was proud to be part of the evening and to experience what the future of healthcare will be in Canada and it is good.