Intelligent Matching Of Specialty Suppliers + Customers

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Rupert Case Management has , over time, developed a proprietary network of over 2000 specialty suppliers of advanced medical products and services. These suppliers are located across Canada and into the U.S. and form RCM’s speciality service providers network (SSPN).

RCM’s specialty service providers network delivers a diverse, deep and complementary menu of high quality products and services. The national network forms a “services platform” accessible by RCM’s clients and associates using RCM’s “SmartAccess” programme.

Our staff assist our corporate and individual clients by defining their specific needs. This takes time and conversation and a certain level of trust. Our clients’ needs, risk preferences and healthcare requirements will vary depending on their stage of life and expectations. RCM’s staff are positioned to access this information and can offer a differentiated set of services to our clients as a result.

Then, if requested,  we help our clients in purchasing the right services for the right need(s) from the right suppliers, at the right time for the right price. Everything in the purchase has to be RIGHT to get the right outcome! And the outcome is what matters to the individual.

As RCM builds cumulative volume and further experience, we continue to learn more about our suppliers and are better able to understand and communicate the suppliers’ specific capabilities to our clients.

This “tacit and proprietary knowledge” is derived from experience and is not easily acquired by other companies.

This knowledge allows us to intelligently match the suppliers’ capabilities and skills with our clients’ needs.

We call this “intelligent matching of service needs and service offerings“.

Here is how it works:

For example, recently we were asked by a Toronto family to purchase a MRI in Vancouver. Their son Vic had been skiing at Whistler and struck his head on a tree. He took the day off. The next day, when he was skiing he again struck his head on a tree. That ended his skiing for the season. He went back to Vancouver to his bed at UBC and was sick with headache, nausea and lethargy.

The parents asked us to order a MRI of Vic’s brain. We called the False Creek clinic in Vancouver where they have a very advanced 3 Tesla MRI unit. This unit is able to provide high fidelity imaging.  We were also offered the Traumatic Brain Imaging option. With this option, the imaging files are sent electronically to Wayne State University in Detroit where Dr Mark Haacke’s team does a comprehensive computerized analysis of the files using proprietary protocols to detect micro bleeds.

The family chose to purchase both the 3 Tesla MRI and the TBI option. We were in touch with Dr Sonny Bhalla,  a neuro-radiologist, at False Creek and Dr Haacke, the MRI researcher, at Wayne State. Luckily, Vic did not have a brain bleed but did have a concussion and is recovering and is regrettably planning to attend summer school to catch up.

When corporate and individual clients with complex health problems call Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM), we help them to define and articulate their specific needs and intelligently match their needs with the capabilities and skills of the excellent suppliers within RCM’s specialty service providers network (SSPN).