Dr. Rupert introduces RCM

Welcome – I am Dr. Raymond Rupert, the founder and medical director at Rupert Case Management.

Since the early 90’s RCM has been providing real time medical intervention and second opinions for complex and very complex patients. The patients can be in hospital or at home.

Clients call us everyday from anywhere in the world, when they or a family member or an employee have a complex health problem that is unresolved.

RCM mobilizes quickly to provide the clinical leadership, care co-ordination and advocacy needed for managing all the details of our client’s cases.

RCM uses state of the art information technology systems.

RCM’s proprietary network has over +3,200 experts from the leading centers of excellence including Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, Dana Farber, Duke University, M.D.Anderson, Baylor, Memorial Sloan Kettering, UCLA, UCSF, UPMC, and the Mayo Clinic.

RCM can organize case conferences with these experts and invite the client’s doctors to participate.

So if you, a family member or an employee have a complex health problem that is not being resolved, then call 1-800-620-7551 to start the conversation.

Benefits of retaining RCM:

  • RCM provides a timely response and quickly mobilizes a high impact team to address our client’s concerns.
  • RCM provides personalized action plans to ensure continuity of care
  • RCM provides central co-ordination and management of all the details.
  • RCM provides assistance with decision making and planning.
  • RCM provides a knowledgeable team that is responsive and accountable to our clients.

So, if you are intested in learning more, please contact us.