PATIENT’S RIGHTS: MEDICAL RECORDS – Raymond Rupert MD. MBA. Rupert Case Management Inc.

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We suggest that complex patients have a “green binder” with their medical records.

We assumed that patients knew that they have a right to their medical records.

A patient pointed out to us that she did not know that she had a right to her records.

To reiterate, patients can ask for and have a right to receive copies of their medical records.

Doctors and hospitals own the paper that the medical records are on, but patients have a right to the information on the paper.

So ask away…. but whom to ask.

In a hospital, you must ask for the medical records from the medical records department.

They might ask you to put in a written request. Then prove whom you are when you pick them up.  They might charge you for the copying. Sometimes hospitals ask for a lot of money for records.

The legislation says that hospitals and doctors can not charge you more than a reasonable amount for your records. Otherwise, they would be obstructing access to the medical records.

And as we have said, patients have a right to their records unless it would be hurtful to the person to have their records. Then the doctors and hospital have grounds upon which to deny access. But this is uncommon.

So get your medical records and put together your “green” binder.