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Accessing psychiatric services in rural communities is very difficult. There is an unmet and rapidly growing need for these essential services. To solve this problem, Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM) provides rural  clients with high quality mental health services using out of the box thinking.

Here’s A Case Study:

A 45 year old mother of two lives in a small community in rural Manitoba.  The team at RCM completed a case review. She was diagnosed with major depression. The team created a personalized actionable treatment plan (ATP). This client received CBT by skype or phone from our psychologist in Winnipeg. RCM arranged for a psychiatrist in Toronto who is expert in the use of advanced medications to coach the client’s GP in her community. With the coaching, the GP was confident in prescribing the appropriate combination of medications. The result is that this rural client is getting the mental health care that she desperately needs.

There is a need to leverage the scarce mental health resources that exist in our health ecosystem. In this case, the face to face meeting has been replaced by telephone or skype.  The studies show that this type of intervention can be just as effective as face to face. And treatment is more effective if the team is cohesive, collaborative and multi-disciplinary.

In fact, telehealth is one of the fasting growing health benefits being provided by employers for employees. This is especially important when employees and family members live in rural communities.

A doctor or nurse case manager at Rupert Case Management is available 365 to provide healthcare advice and support for employees or for human resource managers.

It is recognized that top employers are investing directly in healthcare services for their employees. Top employers have higher levels of productivity and profitability. These employers are purchasing RCM’s “benefits that matter”  such as telehealth advice and RCM’s mental health assist services.

These are enhanced benefits that really work and accelerate the return to work and to health.