SmartAccess for complex healthcare problems.

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The most important interaction between the patient and the health care system is the first interaction. The objective at Rupert Case Management Inc. is to put the smartest person in the room on the phone to resolve the problem.

We call this SmartTriage. This process is very important when dealing with complex and very complex problems because if the patient heads off in the wrong direction, then it may result in a poor outcome.

We use the principles of lean engineering which state that you should try to solve the problem as quickly as possible by putting the smartest person on the phone from the outset.

When the patient’s problem is not handled properly from the outset, then more problems will be created and the patient and family members will be frustrated and unhappy. The customer experience will be poor.

We have evolved this lean engineering process into RCM’s proprietary approach which we call SmartAccess. This process provides the customer with a complex or very complex healthcare problem with accelerated, facilitated and guided access to RCM’s extensive Preferred Provider Network (PPN).

Rupert Case Management’s network consists of over 1600 experts from leading centers of excellence. This expert network is called TOP DOCS Canada TM.

RCM’s proprietary network also includes over 2000 suppliers of specialty services (MRI, PET, CT, out patient surgery etc).

In addition, the Preferred Provider Network includes a group of 50+ associates with focused skills such as psychometric testing, psychological counselling, rehab nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, voice therapy and sleep therapy.

This is a powerful network for resolving complex problems using the SmartAccess process.

SmartAccess is distributed by a national network of distributors who are knowledgeable in the benefits of the programme. An employer will usually purchase SmartAccess for all or most of their employees as an employee benefit. We call this SmartAccess@yourcompany.

The programme is sold on a per employee per month basis and is sold as a basic, advanced and/or preferred option with tiered pricing.The distributor has a quote generator allowing for him/her to quote on the monthly premium for the number of employees to be included in the programme.

To learn more call Rupert Case Management Inc. at 1-800-620-7551.