THE GREEN BINDER: Raymond Rupert MD. MBA. Rupert Case Management Inc.

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The patient’s outcome depends on how well organized the medical records are. If the medical records are well organized, then the quality of the decision making is better and the outcome will likely be better.  That’s why we use the GREEN BINDER.

After we have gotten all the patient’s medical records, we organize them with tabs and put them into a GREEN BINDER.

So when the patient sees a new specialist for a consultation, all the relevant medical records, test results, investigations, medications and past procedures etc. are all there in an organized set of records.

This changes the nature of the consultation from chaos to order. When the records are not present or incomplete then the specialist is frustrated and this can be felt by the patient.

With a well organized GREEN BINDER, the specialist can quickly understand the clinical story and the chronology in order to prioritize objectives and plan the treatment.

Remember-  Well organized records, lead to better clinical decisions and often times to better outcomes. So take the time to get the records, organize them with tabs, make the chronology easy to follow and present a clinical summary on the first page.