Tumour Vaccines: The Future Is Here- Raymond Rupert MD. MBA.

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Something for patients and oncologists to consider in their future treatment plans.
Vaxil Biotherapeutics has developed and is testing a cancer vaccine.
Immucin is the vaccine.
The vaccine is very innovative.
It attacks the MUC1 marker on the tumour cell.
About 90% of tumours have MUC1 markers.
By attacking this marker, it makes the tumour call vulnerable to the patient’s own activated killer T cells.
The vaccine makes the tumour vulnerable to attack by the immune system as long as the immune system has not been weakened beyond repair.
The vaccine is very effective at preventing tumour escape mechanism, which is a common phenomenon with cancer.
The vaccine is now in trials for multiple myeloma but will soon be in clinical trials with other forms of cancer.
Worth following this cancer vaccine innovation.