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When there is an opportunity to deliver focused healthcare services many times, then the customer service can be exceptional.

Here is a case study:

Mr R.C. is a 52 year old business executive who was skiing near the top of Whistler. He is a very competent skier. Unfortunately, he fell and injured his left shoulder.

Within 2 minutes a ski patroller was treating him with an inhaled pain medication.

Within another 3 minutes, a para-medical provider had started an intravenous line and given him a shot of morphine for the pain.

He was taken down the hill, where an ambulance was waiting. He was whisked to the ski clinic about 2 kms away.

At the clinic, he was seen immediately. His ski clothing was cut off. His shoulder was xrayed.

Fortunately, it was not broken. It was dislocated.  The doctor in the clinic was able to manipulate the shoulder back into the socket.

And within 30 minutes he was on his way back to the hotel in his sling.

Total cost was $550 for the ambulance. The rest of the care was covered by medicare.

Mr R.C. describes the service as exceptional and looks forward to his next ski trip to Whistler.

So if a focused health care service can be repeated many times and delivered to high standards, then the customer experience can be outstanding.

Good for the healthcare folks at Whistler.